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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trump Inauguration Numbers Are Higher Than Others For A Couple Reasons

We know the press is arguing about the numbers who attended the Trump inauguration.

They are wrong for three reasons.  First the CNN pictures showed a 8:30 or 9 am view of the
mall, not 12:00 noon when Trump was given the oath. Again another fake story by the press.

Secondly, as mentioned in the following article, TV coverage was at least third highest of any 
previous inauguration and that does not count those who watched online. The Neilsen reports 
do not reflect the bars, airports and restaurants who had the Inauguration on their tvs.

Third and personally this is Conservative Tom, we watched it on line and we know at least ten
others who did.  Projecting those numbers around the country means that most of the country 

The press is trying very hard to de-legitimize the new President by any means they can and so 
when they say that his numbers were lower than Obama's that proves he is not as popular as 
his predecessor. Deceit works only for so long. The American people will realize AGAIN (as they
did during the campaign), that the press cannot be relied upon for accurate reporting.

Instead of the press taking their medicine and changing their ways, they are doubling
 down on their lies and deceit.  The Freedom of the Press also comes with the responsibility 
to use that right judiciously.  When those who have the right abuse it, it can be taken away.

Just a shot across the bow of the press!

Conservative Tom

The Numbers are in for 

Trump's Inauguration, and 

they're YOOJ

  • 01/24/2017 
  • Source: AAN 
  • by: Remington Strelivo
11 6 0  21

According to the Nielsen Ratings, a whopping 30.6 million viewers,
 across 12 TV channels, watched the 45th President get sworn in on
 Friday afternoon.

Those sky-high ratings make Trump’s inauguration the third-most-watched 
in history—narrowly behind Barack Obama’s historic inauguration in 2009,
 and Ronald Reagan’s in 1981.

However, because of how viewing patterns have changed since Obama 
and Reagan’s inaugurations, Trump’s inauguration might actually have
 been the most-watched of all time. Nielsen only monitors those watching 
programs on television—without factoring in the viewers who streamed the 
inauguration online.

That’s a figure easily expected to be in the tens of millions, as Facebook, 
Twitter, YouTube, and CNN all aired the swearing-in ceremony online—a 
feature not yet widely available in 2009, let alone 1981.

CNN alone announced that 16.9 million people had watched the inauguration 
on While those numbers aren’t exactly comparable to Nielsen’s 
ratings, it’s clear that—coupled with other major online livestreams—Trump’s 
inauguration was very likely witnessed by over 50 million people.

No matter how many people ultimately showed up on the National Mall to 
watch Trump in person, it’s clear: the former TV star-turned-President can 
still draw huge numbers of eyes on television.