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Thursday, January 26, 2017

EPA Employees Are Realizing There Is A New Boss In Town. They Become Snowflakes!

REPORT: Trump is Making 

These Sad Sack Bureaucrats Cry

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Donald Trump has talked about massive deregulation and frozen hiring
at federal agencies.  How are bureaucrats responding? 
Environmental Protection Agency employees have not accepted Donald

Trump’s victory and are still “coming to work in tears” more than two months

after the election.

“At EPA headquarters, the mood remains dark,” ProPublica reported

Wednesday. “A longtime career communications employee said in a phone

interview Tuesday that more than a few friends were ‘coming to work in

tears’ each morning as they grappled with balancing the practical need

to keep their jobs with their concerns for the issues they work on.”

Trump’s victory has been tough for bureaucrats. The State Department held

 stress workshops after the election so they would not “become paralyzed by

fear.” EPA employees were caught crying before, just after the election, as

were White House aides. Energy Department employees were granted

counseling. Sobbing staffers greeted Hillary Clinton on Capitol Hill a month

after her loss.

EPA employees are upset that the new president will take a different

approach than the Obama administration. ProPublica called Trump’s

nomination of Scott Pruitt, the Oklahoma attorney general who has 

sued the EPA over its climate change regulations, to lead the agency

EPA employees didn't seem so upset when a bungled EPA operation
 resulted in over one million gallons of mine waste being dumped into
 the Colorado River.  Perhaps the prospect of learning just how bad the
Obama economy is for everyone in the private sector has them on edge. 
 Source: American Action News