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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Left And Islam Forging Alliance To Destroy Western Civilization. Women's March Is A Great Example, Unfortunately Many Women Did Not Understand What They Were Supporting

The so called "Women's March" was to be one that supposedly showed the power of the distaff side of human kind, however, it showed something significantly different. It illustrated that a well meaning, good intention group of people can be duped into doing things which are not in the best interests.

It is becoming very clear that the March was no other than a recruiting march for women to shed their rights and to become tools of an anti-Western, anti-woman movement named Islam.  It had very little to do with Trump,  he had not even been in office a day, but he was the handy lightening rod for them to attack. His policies had not been established, his cabinet had not been approved and none of his "executive actions" had been signed. It was all about trying to destroy the West.

From one of the organizers of the Washington D.C. Women's March, Linda Sansour, who is pro-Hamas, pro-Palestinians, pro-Sharia law (which does not respect women) and virulently anti-Israel, to Berlin's  speakers who echoed "Allahu, Akbar" at the rally; to Angela Davis, another anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian speaker in D.C,; to the protesters in the streets who attacked anyone wearing a "Trump" hat (while wearing scarves over their faces); to Soros  funded organizations who were the power behind the march, the intent was not pro-West. And let's not forget the rising rhetoric of Madonna (who could only read her notes) while wanting to burn down the White House, it was all anti-Western propaganda in action.

The problem as we see it, was that an idea which in its infancy might have had a pure intentions got hijacked by an anti-western group that duped innocent, uninformed, well-intentioned women (and men) into doing something that was entirely not in their best interests. The "success" of the is march will have long term unintended negative impact on the very participants of the march.

We suspect that the March will be used to show the "power of women" while the vile and evil intents of the organizers will continue until it is too late.  What will women do when they are called upon to give up their rights for the "safety and respect of Islam?  We believe there will be millions who will do just that. Not realizing what it will mean to them, their mothers and daughters.

The West has always respected women allowing them the rights of men.  Some issues like the right to vote, the right to own property, the right not to be chattel have become enshrined in law. However, a woman in Muslim nations is not allowed to vote, to own property, to travel by herself. They must wear burkas, they are property of their husband, they must not go out of the house without a male member of the family and they cannot have a job outside the house. Is this the life that western women want?

If so, they should look at Iran under the Shah in 1970 verses today under the Islamic Republic of Iran or for that matter even Saudi Arabia.  It is not a pretty sight.

The following piece shows what the March was all about and it was not about "female empowerment."

Our dream is that women will awaken to the danger.  We fear it may turn out to be a nightmare for them.

Conservative Tom

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