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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wilders Is A Leader Who Is Able To Speak The Truth About The Threat

Prime Minister Rutte ran an election advertisement in today's newspapers.
And I have a message to this prime minister.
Stop with the deceit of the Netherlands. Stop deceiving your own people.
There is absolutely no-one who still believes you.
It was you, who caused the loss of our freedom, our security, and our culture.
It was you, who governed with the Labor Party; you, who conducted dangerous open borders policy.
You, who even allowed terrorists to freely travel in and out of the Netherlands.
You, who have given Islam free rein.
Why don't you talk about that?
Four years of Mark Rutte means four years of, every day, a little less Netherlands.

Why do you not talk about Islamization?
Why do you not talk about terror?
Why don't we hear you about the billions that are spent every year on Africa, Brussels and all those fortune-seekers, rather than on our own people?
Why don't you mention the hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers and immigrants whom you've allowed into our country?
That is the biggest threat to our country.
That is what you, as prime minister, should never have allowed to happen.
It is your fault and no-one else's.
And if we continue the way you are doing now, then the Netherlands will soon cease to exist.
Then there will be only one standard in this country: Islam. And we will have lost our beautiful country.
But we will not allow that to happen, because this is the land of all those millions of Dutch whom you have let down.
The millions of people whom you have cheated and robbed of their own country.
But, together with them, we will reconquer the Netherlands from the elite, from Islam, and from you, Mr. Rutte.
It's time that you leave.
And, on March 15th, the Netherlands will become ours again.

Geert Wilders is a member of the Dutch Parliament and leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV).

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