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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Article From A Woman About The Women's March

Common Sense Soapbox with Kay Miles Marshall and 2 others.
Considering the post on our page about #womensmarch2017 is blowing up with a slew of liberal propaganda, I thought I would address some of the comments.
First and foremost, we (women), have all of the same rights that men do. We can work, we can vote, we can own land. We can get an education and *gasp* we can even attend our nations top Ivy League universities. We can be CEO's and run Fortune 500 companies. We can own our own businesses. We can dress how we want, eat what we want, and go wherever we want. We can drive cars and we can speak our minds. We can even fight for our country. Every article in the constitution and the bill of rights pertains to women every bit as much as it pertains to men.
So what rights do we not have? So many are saying, "we are marching because if they didn't 100 years ago you would be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen." Granted women a hundred years ago didn't have the same rights we have today, they were hardly barefoot and pregnant like the helpless sex slaves so many of you are painting them out to be. And yes, because of women's suffrage things changed for us. But that has absolutely nothing to do with you marching today. It is completely nonsensical to fight for something you already have. Look at Hillary Clinton. She ran for president! She lost, but she did it. So please tell me again how we are so unfairly treated.
But then of course you complain about the wage gap. Women can and do make the same kind of money as men do. We can do the same kind of work. Just look at your idol Cecile Richards. She makes over $200,000 more per year than our male president.
Speaking of good old Cecile, let's discuss your birth control argument. It has been readily available to those who want it and free and low cost to those who need it for many, many years. Just because Trump is pro-life doesn't mean you won't have access to birth control. To be perfectly honest, that type of rational is just stupid. And let's address the moronic statements about defunding Planned Parenthood. Just because it's no longer federally funded doesn't mean it up and disappears. It means they have to fund themselves. Maybe Cecil will have to take a pay cut, but they'll still be there. Furthermore, the ONLY difference between your local health department and Planned Parenthood is that one performs abortions and one does not.
Women roamed the streets in DC today with vaginas on their heads and no one said anything. If a man walked around with a penis hat, there would be an uproar. It's actually pretty degrading that so many chose to represent women in this fashion. The last time I checked, I was more than just a vagina.
Lastly, let's address the elephant in the room. Many of you have brought up comments that Trump said. How many years ago was it? Probably the same amount of time ago that Bill Clinton was getting blowjobs in the Oval Office, but no one seems to mind that. I would think such strong feminists as yourselves would be outraged over that behavior. But not a single word has been said. You've also all been pretty quiet about the fact that he was caught oogling Ivanka Trump during the inauguration while standing next to his wife, your hero.
So let's just call a spade a spade. The march today wasn't about women's empowerment. It was about fear mongering and anger. It was about accusing Donald Trump of taking your rights away, which he actually has no plan of doing. It was about anger that your candidate didn't win. It was about pushing the pro-choice agenda.
If you want to see something change, you need to BE the change. Honestly, what do these marches, rallies, whatever you want to call them, accomplish? Nothing! Without actual action you are simply a sheep in a herd. If you want to see something change, write to your legislators. Petition those with the power to enact the change you're seeking. Run for office and do it yourself! Use it as a platform.
I also think the complete disarray in Washington DC should be addressed. Do you really think it speaks well of your cause when you leave our nations capital in shambles? Your garbage and discarded signs are overflowing throughout the streets. Why is this acceptable? Have we really reached s point in our society where people are so entitled they can't even take care of their own garbage?
So enough already. You're pissed off Trump is president. Own it. Call it what it is. With fantastic speeches like Madonna's talking about blowing up the White House what did you expect? These are the people you are allowing to represent you, to speak for you. While they may speak for you, they most certainly do not speak for me and neither do you.
-Lauren B.