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Monday, January 23, 2017

Family Event Stirs Anger From Women's March

Trumps Stir Fuss With Family Event During Women’s March

"... she's in heels ..."


Some on social media boiled with outrage after it appeared the Trump family responded to the celebrities and liberals taking part in an anti-Trump march on Saturday by enjoying each other’s company in the bowling facilities at the White House.
On Saturday, Donald Trump Jr. shared a video of his wife bowling.
“Family bowling session at The White House. ‪@MrsVanessaTrump doing pretty well considering she’s in heels,” he tweeted.

Family bowling session at The White House. @MrsVanessaTrump doing pretty well considering she's in heels😂 

The Saturday afternoon tweet came as Hollywood figures, other celebrities and Democratic Party politicians led a “Women’s March” through the streets of Washington with the stated goal of showing their antagonism to Trump.
The fact that life inside the White House went out without seeming to notice marchers who are diametrically opposed to everything the Trump administration seeks to accomplish was more than some could stand.

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First Family bowling in the White House while hundreds of thousands march outside their doors. 

While American women flood the streets to march for their rights, the Trumps are at home in the White House bowling. 

The discussion was not all one-sided. Kimber, writing on Chick on the Right, thought the fuss was overblown

“I don’t blame them at all,” she wrote about the Trumps. “If I were them, there is NO WAY I would have let my kids out of the house that day, seeing as there were thousands of angry libs all over the city who would not hesitate to say awful things and possibly even endanger them. What were they supposed to do all day? Sit and cry in solidarity with the snowflakes melting outside? I don’t think so.”
“Of course, this totally normal, not at all offensive video of a family having a little fun has liberals very, very angry. NO FUN FOR ANYONE! ESPECIALLY NOT FOR THE TRUMPS!” she wrote.
President Donald Trump, who with the entire Trump family had participated in Saturday morning’s National Prayer Service, visited the CIA headquarters Saturday afternoon.
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