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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

By Ignoring Trump's Memorial Day Event, Lame Stream Media Shows Their Cards

On Memorial Day, Trump Does Something That Would've Put Obama on Every Front Page

President Trump on Monday marked his first Memorial Day as commander in
 chief, heading to Arlington National Cemetery through the throngs of 
motorcycles participating in Rolling Thunder to place a wreath at the Tomb 
of the Unknown Soldier.
The large audience packed into the cemetery’s amphitheater cheered when 
Trump was introduced, and the president delivered a powerful tribute to 
America’s fallen service members, calling them “angels sent to us by God.”
“To every Gold Star family, God is with you, and your loved ones are with 
him,” Trump said. “They died in wars so that we could live in peace. Every
 time you see the sun rise over this blessed land, please know your brave 
sons and daughters pushed away the night and delivered for us all that 
great and glorious dawn.”
Of course, you wouldn't know that Trump did that if you looked at the top
 newspapers in the country. In fact, you wouldn't even know that Monday 
was Memorial Day, or that nearly every town across the United States 
held a parade to honor America's troops.

The New York Times didn't have anything on its front page about Memorial 
Day. It used a small teaser box at the bottom left corner to tout a story 
about "a soccer star's farewell to A.S. Roma," whatever that is. Not a 
word or a picture dedicated to America's military branches and their sacrifice.
The Washington Post front page was full of anti-Trump stories, "Serving 
Intelligence to Trump in Small Bites" and "Budget Would Cut Civil Rights 
Position," to name a few. And the main art showed a factory in Kentucky, 
not Trump or America's veterans. The paper, whose new motto is "Democracy
 Dies in Darkness," did feature one tiny picture at the bottom of the page
 with a referral to the Metro page for a story about Memorial Day, but no 
mention or photo of Trump.
Only USA Today, among the country's biggest papers, featured a shot of 
Trump laying the wreath, with a reference to an inside story and more 
But here's the shot that, had former president Barack Obama done it, 
would've put him on every front page across the country. Since it was 
Trump, though, the country's liberal papers decided not to print it. 
The boy's name is Christian Jacobs, 6, and he's dressed like a Marine 
because his father, Marine Sgt. Christopher Jacobs, was killed during a 
training accident in California in 2011.
A great picture of America's president on Memorial Day. And every 
newspaper that didn't run it -- for purely partisan reasons -- ought to
 be ashamed.