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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Megan Scores A Big Interview

Megyn Kelly Just Announced

Her First Interview on NBC

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Megyn Kelly Just Announced Her First Interview on NBC
Instagram @megynkelly
On Friday, Kelly is scheduled to moderate a session with the Russian
 president at the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg, but her
 one-on-one sit-down with Putin wasn't officially confirmed until Thursday

Kelly announced the news on the Today show, telling viewers she'll "ask 
him directly about these allegations of meddling and the prospect of our 
two countries working together, and beyond."

The interview with the controversial leader will air as part of the premiere 
of Kelly's new NBC newsmag, Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly, which debuts
 this Sunday. As of now, the former Fox News anchor has no plans
 on interviewing Putin's avid supporter, Donald Trump, on her series.

"For this show right now, we're focused on different things," she recently
 told The Hollywood Reporter. "Listen, I wouldn't say no to a sit-down
 with President Trump, but it's not necessarily how I want to kick it off. 
Especially since we're going to be kicking it off with an interview with
 Vladimir Putin. How many of those big egos can you fit into one show?"