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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Congress Should Focus On America--Not Russia

Former Dem Senator Says Ohio Cares About Jobs, Not Russia


Former Ohio state senator Nina Turner made headlines when she appeared on CNN over the weekend. Speaking bluntly on “The State of the Union,” Turner said that “no one in Ohio is asking about Russia,” The Daily Caller reported.
Turner, a Democrat, made the assertion while discussing reports alleging President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, White House senior adviser Jared Kushner, attempted to set up a back channel with Russia.
Many on the left have attempted to tie Trump’s administration to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The mainstream media and political pundits have speculated that Trump may have shared classified information with the Kremlin, and others have suggested Putin interfered with the election which allowed Trump to win against Hillary Clinton.

Nonetheless, no concrete evidence has been presented to back these claims.
When the hosts of “State of the Union” tried to turn the conversation to Russia (as usual), Turner told them that her former constituents are concerned about other issues.
“No one in Ohio is asking about Russia,” Turner stated. “I mean, we have to deal with this. It’s all on the minds of the American people. But if you want to know about people in Ohio — they want to know about jobs, they want to know about their children.”
Watch her statements below:
She continued, “I was just in California where California folks, especially the national nurses, pushing for healthy California, single payer, Medicare for all kinds of things. I talked to a Boomer, a Baby Boomer who is an African-American Baby Boomer who lives here in D.C., Russia is not in his top five. He believes that both parties are failing.”
Turner said the American people have more critical things on their mind.

“If we were to go to Flint, they want to know how they’re going to get clean water and why 8,000 people are about the to lose their homes. We are preoccupied with this. It’s not that this is not important, but everyday Americans are being left behind because it’s Russia, Russia, Russia. Do we need all 535 members of the Congress to deal with Russia? Can some deal with some domestic issues?”
Amen. Those in the mainstream media have been so hellbent on bringing down the Trump presidency, they’ve completely missed issues that actually affect everyday Americans. And they wonder why Clinton lost.
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