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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Conservatives Strike Back

Fire With Fire: Conservatives Finally Launch Boycott Against MSNBC/CNN Advertisers

Heidi Gutman/MSNBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
On Wednesday, Ace of Spades spoke quite elegantly for those of us who
 abhor the whole idea of boycotts against speech we do not like but also have 
come to realize that the continuation of this Mighty Fine Principle is a suicide 
pact. Using boycotts against speech they disagree with, the Left (primarily the 
Soros/Clinton organization Media Matters) has already had Glenn Beck
 removed from Fox News, taken out Bill O'Reilly (and by extension 
the entire Fox News brand) and nearly took out Rush Limbaugh a
 few years ago.
The Left's goal is as simple as it is sinister; to bully and intimidate advertisers 
who sponsor right-leaning voices into dropping their support. Obviously, 
without advertisers the television and/or radio shows die and with them, by 
design, do all voices competing with mainstream media narratives designed
 to destroy anyone who opposes globalism and centralized nanny-statism. 
Last week Sean Hannity was targeted over his opinion on the Seth Rich issue. 
But just as weak-kneed advertisers began to flee Hannity's Fox News program, 
a group of conservatives finally had enough -- namely Brent Bozell, president 
Fighting fire with fire -- because we have been left with no other choice -- these 
groups have already launched highly-organized campaigns to threaten boycotts
 against advertisers who sponsor all of these Hate Programs on CNN and 
MSNBC, these shows devoted 24/7 to destroying President Trump with 
wild-eyed conspiracies.

“[W]e will be publicly listing the advertisers of these programs and asking 
them to defend their decision to continue airing ads on these shows,” Bozell 
said in his statement. "Every time one of their on-air personalities go beyond
political commentary and engage in smear and hate, we are going to unleash 
an army of activists to contact these advertisers by phone and through social
 media to ask them why they are advertising on programs that are so biased, 
repulsive and morally bankrupt."
Aping tactics well-honed by Media Matters, Media Equalizer has already
 assembled a list of advertisers that support MSNBC conspiracy theorist
 Rachel Maddow. "Coming next," the site promises, are "Morning Joe, 
Brian Stelter, Stephen Colbert, Michael Smerconish, Don Lemon, Lawrence
 O’Donnell, Anderson Cooper, George Stephanopolous, and more!"
"More!" should definitely include Jake --Golden Showers-- Tapper, who had 
no problem donning his Sanctimony Cape as a means to destroy Bill O'Reilly 
based only on disputed allegations.
What's good for the goose is good for the Fake Journalist, right?
Thus far, this fire with fire approach appears to be working. After CNN star
 Kathy Griffin released an ISIS-inspired photo of her holding up President 
Trump's severed head, other than rote comments claiming to be disgusted
 by her behavior, the left-wing cable news network did nothing. The Internet 
responded by targeting CNN's advertisers and it was only after the security 
company ADT said it was pulling its ads that CNN finally fired Griffin.
Also, rather than sit on their hands and wait for Hannity's career to be 
systematically dismantled, his legions of fans started contacting the advertisers
 who withdrew from his show. One advertiser, USAA, finally relented and returned.
 There are more than a half-dozen still holding out but my guess is that this 
pushback will make any other advertiser think twice before caving to the Media 
Matters Mob.
I want to live in a society where a Kathy Griffin can do something stupid and 
repugnant and not lose her entire career. I really do.
I want to live in a society where someone (on the left or right) can say something
 terrible, apologize, and then go on with their life. I really do.
Unfortunately, the Left and the mainstream media disagree, and to prove it 
they have launched scorched earth campaigns against everyone from rodeo
 clowns to college speakers to the number one star of cable news (O'Reilly) -- 
and they all went down.
This has to stop, and the only way to stop it is to start fighting back in a war we
 did not start.
It is imperative we begin emulating the left in its tactics.
A couple of years ago, I suggested a completely different strategy: I wanted to pursue a kinder path. I wanted an end to the speech wars and social media mobs and boycotts and all the rest of it.
But that path has been tried, and it has failed. Passive resistance -- moral resistance -- can only work when dealing with opponents with morality and honor, or who, at least, see you as more than subhuman.
Gandhi's tactics would not have worked had India been colonized by, say, China.
Many on the right, or even liberals who lean to the left but who still hold to classic liberal traditions, have called, endlessly, for an end to the Speech Wars.
That failed.
In the immortal words of the legendary philosopher James Dalton, "I want you
 to be nice … until it's time... to not be nice."
And according to my watch, it is time to not be nice.
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