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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

When You Reach Too Far, Sometimes You Fall Off Your Chair! So It Is With Russian-Trump Claims

Fox News Host Highlights Flaw In Trump Critics’ Russia Argument

"... wouldn’t that signify that there was not collusion?”


Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner pinpointed a problem in the media-driven narrative about the Trump campaign’s alleged cozy relationship with Russia.
She noted Sunday that recent reports have indicated that during the presidential transition period, Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, sought to create a secret communications channel with Russian officials back channel with Russia.
She also touched on the fact those same media accounts, as part of the wider narrative, have suggested there were connections between the Trump team and the Russians.

“If it’s true, wouldn’t that signify that there was not collusion?” she said on Fox Report. “Why would you need a back channel with the Kremlin if, in fact, you already had several established?”
Further, Fox News was reporting Monday that according to sources it did not identify, the December meeting between Kushner and Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak at Trump Tower focused on Syria.
Fox claimed its sources said Russian officials were the first to suggest secure lined between the Trump administration and Russia. This would be counter to other media reports, also based on unnamed sources, that have claimed the connection was Kushner’s idea.
Faulkner’s conclusion that Trump critics can’t have it both ways was hailed on Twitter.

Genius ? from @HARRISFAULKNER :
Why would @jaredkushner need a 'back channel' AFTER the election if they were colluding DURING the election?

@PlaysTrumpCard @HARRISFAULKNER @jaredkushner@bfraser747 @AppSame @Lrihendry @steph93065@FemalesForTrump And THAT is a very good question. Think about it,you liberals who are trying to take down our president. Can you follow the logic here???

“She brings up a good point,” wrote Andrew Mark Miller on Young Conservatives.
“The reality is that none of this Russia nonsense holds any water. If Trump and Russia are working together they are doing a very bad job of it because things aren’t exactly going smoothly between the two countries,” he added.

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