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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Which Is Worse A Obama Mask Or A Beheaded Trump?

Had the poor clown in Missouri had Carried A Head Of Obama Around, he would be serving jail time, probably in Gitmo!

This time the liberals grudgingly say what Kathy Griffin did was "not funny," but there is no call for an FBI investigation from the news media.

The terrible bias against Trump is sickening and can only deepen the divide not only along racial lines but also between Trump supporters and those who did not.

Conservative Tom


This isn't a racial divide. It's a power divide. It's about who has it and who doesn't. The rodeo clowns don't. Obama, the Kansas City Star and the Washington Post do.

rodeo clown obama
That's not an Onion headline. That's a Washington Amazon Post headline. It doesn't even appear to be an op-ed. The liberal media cannot be parodied, because like the USSR's Pravda, it overshoots all parody with unintentional self-parody.
A WaPo ex-ombudsman wrote that the only problem with the Bezos Washington Post is Jennifer Rubin. Sure, get rid of Rubin to make more room for quality journalism like this piece by WaPo clown Philip Rucker about the nation's racial rodeo clown divide.
As some people at the Missouri State Fair see it, the rodeo incident last weekend in which a ringleader taunted a clown wearing a mask of President Obama and played with his lips as a bull charged after him was neither racist nor disrespectful.
The Washington Post however sees it as racial. Their only basis for that claim is the clown supposedly playing with the lips of his mask. Of course playing with your lips is also a classic comedy gag.
But at this point racism is a tautology. The answer is always racism. And the proof can always be found somehow, somewhere.
A three-minute amateur video of the rodeo act was picked up by news outlets worldwide. Democratic and Republican elected officials in Missouri quickly condemned the incident, saying it was offensive and inappropriate at a taxpayer-funded event with children in attendance. Asked about it Wednesday, a White House spokesman said that it was not one of Missouri’s “finer moments.”
A liberalism that plans sex ed for elementary schoolers thinks a clown in an Obama mask is somehow inappropriate for children. Maybe if he gay-married the bull, they could have gotten behind it.
Remember when a Bush spokesman said something negative about Bill Maher's praise for terrorists and the media melted down in shrill hysterics about freedom of speech?
Nope. Gone now.
There is a long history of mocking politicians at rodeos, and clowns have donned masks of other presidents as part of their acts. But James Staab, a political science professor at the University of Central Missouri, said last week’s incident “goes beyond the pale — they’re talking about physical injury and racial stereotypes.”
Ah. Beyond the pale.
Except that  "physical injury"  was on there before. So James Staab is a shameless liar. But then he's a liberal PoliScy professor, so I repeat myself.
T.J. Hawkins rolled out the big inner tube, and the bull lowered his head, shot forward and launched into the tube, sending it bounding down the center of the arena. The crowd cheered. Then the bull saw the George Bush dummy. He tore into it, sending the rubber mask flying halfway across the sand as he turned toward the fence, sending cowboys scrambling up the fence rails, hooking one with his horn and tossing him off the fence.
Yael T Abouhalkah, the Kansas City Star's clown who helped kickstart the rodeo clown Jihad, repeated the same lie in his column that there was no violent implication.
There was more of a violent implication in 1994. If a dummy in Obama mask had been set on by a bull, every liberal from here to Kansas City would be screaming in an uninterrupted hysterical fit about racism.
"The Wednesday crowd at the fair, which lasts 11 days in remote Sedalia, was overwhelmingly white," Philip Rucker writes, scrambling for racism material.
Missouri is 84 percent white. Sedalia is 5 percent African-American. How could the crowd not be "overwhelmingly white"?
The Wednesday crowd at the fair, which lasts 11 days in remote Sedalia, was overwhelmingly white. Some vendors played right-wing talk radio from boom boxes at their tents. One vendor sold “rebel pride” hats emblazoned with Confederate flags for $8 each.
And that's Philip Rucker's climactic piece of evidence in this clown show. A guy selling confederate flag hats. Clearly the entire fair is racist. But wait... there's still more proof.
To Beam, the racist element of the rodeo act was obvious. “If you’re a white man in a black mask in a former slaveholding state with a broom lodged in your rectum and you’re playing with your lips, you will be confused with a racist,” Beam said. “Had I been black, I would’ve been scared for my life.”
Beam could be confused with an idiot. But that's it folks. If you make fun of a black politician in a state, then you are a racist and about to lead a lynch mob.
In the 1800's, Pettis County, in which Sedalia is located, had less than 2,000 slaves. So now its rodeo clown shows need a federal monitor appointed by Obama to make sure no rodeo clowns make fun of him.
This isn't a racial divide. It's a power divide. It's about who has it and who doesn't. The rodeo clowns don't. Obama, Philip Rucker, Yael T Abouhalkah, the Kansas City Star and the Washington Post do.