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Sunday, May 7, 2017

If Anyone Would Say Things Like Pelosi, They Would Be Laughed Out Of Congress But Somehow She Doesn't


If you ever had any doubt that democrats consider your money theirs, Nancy Pelosi just erased that. According to her, if you are “allowed” to keep the money you earn, that’s really stealing from poor people who didn’t earn it. I know this is some dizzying liberal logic, but that’s how they like things. Their hope is to make things so confusing that you can’t tell how bullshit it all is.
The House Republicans are once again trying for an ObamaCare repeal and replace. This newest version would put $130 billion in a high risk pool over 10 years to cover poor people with existing conditions. In addition to that, another $8 billion over 5 years was tacked on to help out people who can’t afford health insurance.
Because Nancy Pelosi can’t math and hates everything that isn’t from her own party, she flipped her lid according to The Hill.
“What you would need is probably about $200 billion over 10 years. What they’ve done is $8 billion over five years. If you divide that by the number of people who have a pre-existing medical condition, you get about [$200 or $300] a year,” said Pelosi.
First off, not everyone with a pre-existing condition can’t afford health insurance, and secondly the GOP is offering up $146 billion over 10 years, which isn’t that far away from the randomly stated $200 billion Pelosi claims is needed.
Despite that, she predicts death and destruction:
“It’s a joke. It’s a very sad, deadly joke,” she said.
Now here’s where the House Minority Leader says it is a crime for you to keep your own money. She says the Republicans want to rush through an ObamaCare repeal because they need the money to offer a tax break.
“They’re in a hurry because they need this money to give a tax break to the wealthiest people in our country. This bill will have the biggest transfer of wealth in the history of our country — Robin Hood in reverse. That is the goal of their tax bill, but they need this money from your healthcare in order to do that,” Pelosi said.
Stay with me on this one Nancy: ObamaCare raised taxes and caused most working people to spend more money on shittier coverage. Repealing this ridiculous law means that working people will be able to keep more of their money. Also, offering a tax break means that working people will be able to keep even more of that money that they earn.
Poor people are not entitled to the fruits of other people’s labor. Letting people keep more of the money they earn is not stealing from poor people because that money was never theirs in the first place. See how that works?
Stealing and redistribution of wealth would be if the government passed a law that forced people to by a product from a private company at inflated prices so that same product could then be given for free to lazy people who have made shitty life choices. You know, kind of like ObamaCare.
I understand Pelosi’s confusion here, she is after all a democrat. In their warped way of thinking, every dollar you earn belongs to them so they can make it rain on the poor in the least efficient and productive way possible.