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Friday, December 23, 2016

Common Courtesy--Something Missing Today!

George Lopez Defends Ivanka 

After JetBlue Incident

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George Lopez Defends Ivanka After JetBlue Incident
George Lopez is in no way a Trump supporter, but he's not impressed
 with the way Ivanka Trump was treated on THAT JetBlue flight.

On Thursday, the funny man was corned by the paparazzi at LAX airport 
and was asked to comment on Miz Trump getting accosted by a fellow
 passenger on a plane before take off.

While the 55-year-old is more than happy to poke fun at the future First
 Family, he does NOT condone harassment.

Lopez noted to TMZ: 
"There has to be a certain amount of respect when somebody's with their
family. So I would say… yeah, that's not cool."
As you may recall, early on Thursday morning, the businesswoman had 
boarded a flight leaving New York — along with her three children — when 
attorney Dan Goldstein began yelling at her about her father and President-
elect, Donald Trump. Oof.