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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Sickness Parading As Enlightenment

How Your Tax Dollars are 

Funding a War on Whites

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Two more taxpayer-funded American universities — the University
 of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Colorado Denver — will 
offer undergraduate courses focused exclusively on how “whiteness”
 is a serious social problem in the upcoming spring 2017 semester.

The course at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is matter-of-factly 
called “The Problem of Whiteness.”

The description for the course focuses on America’s — and the entire
 world’s — whiteness problem explains that “white supremacy was
 created by white people” and suggests that “white folks” “have the
 greatest responsibility to eradicate it.”

The class “will ask what an ethical white identity entails, what it means
 to be #woke.”