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Friday, December 23, 2016

If You Listen To The Media Carefully, Everything Is Racist Today, However, That Is So Far From The Truth.

Michael Moore now thinks the Electoral College is ‘racist’


Michael Moore now thinks the Electoral College is ‘racist’
Director Michael Moore (Joel Ryan/Invision/AP, File)

Now that the Electoral College has made Donald Trump one step closer to becoming the 45th president of the United States, liberal author and filmmaker Michael Moore says the centuries-old system designed by America’s Founding Fathers is “racist.”
On Tuesday morning, a day after Trump officially received the electoral votes needed to become president, Moore tweeted a message to the “rest of the world” in an attempt to “explain what happened yesterday.”

1. Hello rest of the world! My fellow Americans are asleep right now so I thought we could talk &maybe I can explain what happened yesterday

Moore pointed out that while Trump won the electoral vote, he lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes. He then called attention to the “racist” Electoral College system, established in the 1700s, which he said ironically helped elect the candidate who “spewed racist hate.”

2. Hillary Clinton won the election on Nov 8 by 2.8 million votes over Donald Trump. Which is to say, she lost. U r right, not a democracy.

4. Yes, it is ironic that this racist idea, the Electoral College, 225 years later ended up benefiting the candidate who spewed racism hate.

But Moore gave no indication that he’s giving up — at least not yet.
In a later tweet, Moore promised to find a legal and nonviolent way to stop Trump from being inaugurated Jan. 20.

5. Trump is not president until 12 noon on Jan 20th. So we'll continue to fight & hope to find a legal, nonviolent way to stop this madness.

“I wish I could give u better news. As bad as it seems, it will be worse. We are broken,” Moore added.

6. Ok, people are starting to wake up in the US. I wish I could give u better news. As bad as it seems, it will be worse. We are broken.

Moore promised to pay any fines Electoral College members’ states might impose on them for switching their votes away from Trump in a last-ditch effort to deny the Manhattan billionaire the presidency.