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Friday, December 23, 2016

We Have Said It Before, We Will Say It Again--Obama Is A Muslim And Supports Everything That Islamic Radicals Want. He Should Be Tried For Sedition.

Germans Allow Mosque Calling for Jihad while Obama Promotes Boston Mosque Calling for Jihad

Guest post by Joe Hoft
isis syria
This week another radical Islamic terrorist committed murder killing 12 people in a market in Germany.  It was then reported that the German police raided a mosque known for calling for jihad.
What is not reported by the American media is that outgoing President Obama promoted the largest mosque on the East Coast located in Boston that also calls for jihad.
As a matter of fact, Obama stated that the Islamic Society of Boston:
is the model for his efforts to counter violent extremism!

German police raid mosque known to call for 

Why would you allow a mosque calling for Jihad to exist?

Why do we?

The only explanation for Obama’s actions is that he is trying to promote Islam to the detriment of US security.  Thanks to Obama millions are dead, raped or misplaced in the Middle East.  The world lives in terror and the US and the rest of the Western world face the impending danger of another Islamic terrorist attack from radical Muslim refugees who have flooded our countries.
Barack Hussein Obama cannot be gone soon enough.