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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Titles Of Articles Can Be Very Misleading

If one reads the following headline, it would appear as if the Senator was on the ship where the cocaine was found which of course is not true. If the story had any teeth, McConnell would be out of a job.

This is the type of garbage journalism that professes to be the fourth estate. The story is misleading, has only tenuous connections to the Senator, at best, and tries to connect McConnell's anti-drug stands to be part of the misleading story.

If it were written about the Senator's wife, Elaine Chao, the Trump Transportation Secretary and daughter of the Chao owner,  it might be a bit closer.  However, neither the Senator or his wife is in control of daily operations of the crews on any ship or for that matter, the company. If there is a crew that is using the ship to transport drugs, then that crew should be held responsible and not the owners.

This looks and feels like a guilt by association charge and nothing more. However, we will assume that the Democrats will make it a "cause celeb" and Elaine might not make it passed the confirmation hurdle because as Transportation Secretary she will be over the Maritime Commission.  

Our concern is why she was nominated in the first place, is this a gift to McConnell?  Did Trump know about the drug issue and went ahead as a peace offering?

Conservative Tom

90 Pounds Of Cocaine Found On Cargo Ship Owned By Anti-Drug Senator’s Family

cargo ship connected to Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell was recently stopped and searched before departing from Colombia. During the search, Colombian Coast Guard agents seized roughly 90 pounds of cocaine.
The drugs were found on the Ping May, which is a vessel operated by the Foremost Maritime Corporation, a company owned by Mitch McConnell’s in-laws, the Chao family. This connection is not only relevant because of the family connection, but also because the Chao family has often made large donations to McConnell’s campaigns.
In fact, the Chao family has been funding McConnell since the late 1980s. Years later, in 1993, McConnell married Elaine Chao and secured the Chao family as one of his primary sources for investments.
A gift worth somewhere between 5 and 25 million dollars from the Chao Family made McConnel one of the richest senators in the country in 2008.
The Foremost Maritime Corporation is currently operating 16 dry bulk cargo ships, most of which are currently still in service.
What makes this case even more interesting is that McConnell is well known as a staunch prohibitionist. In 1996, McConnell sponsored “The Enhanced Marijuana Penalties Act”, a bill designed to increase the mandatory minimum sentencing for people caught with marijuana.
Luis Gonzales, an official with the Colombian Coast Guard in Santa Marta told The Nation that the Ping May’s crew were questioned as part of the investigation, but that they have yet to file any charges in the case.