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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Chicago's Gun Hate Gets Struck Down

Gun Ranges Now Legal in Chicago!


Despite racking up a record number of shootings and gun homicides over the previous year, the city of Chicago is well-known for having some of the strictest gun control laws in the entire country.
However, at least one set of restrictive rules that infringed upon the Second Amendment-protected natural right of Chicago residents to keep and bear arms was just struck down by the federal 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, according to the Associated Press.
A three-judge panel of the court ruled unconstitutional a city ordinance that essentially banned the operation of gun ranges within city limits, first by mandating that they only be constructed in areas zoned for “manufacturing” and then requiring that they be a certain distance away from other gun ranges, residential areas, schools, parks and houses of worship.

The ordinance was seen for exactly what it was by Judge Diane Sykes, author of the majority opinion, who wrote that the ordinance was little more than a clever way for Chicago to get around around prior rulings that had separately struck down as unconstitutional the city’s blanket bans on gun ownership and gun ranges.
The panel also struck down a prohibition on any individual under the age of 18 from even entering a gun range, which prevented children from learning important gun safety lessons or receiving training.
As Powerline pointed out, Sykes was one of the judges on President Donald Trump’s list of potential Supreme Court nominees, a fact that should warm the hearts of Second Amendment supporters and inspire confidence that America is moving in the right direction when it comes to respecting and protecting gun rights.
This is yet another victory for lawful gun owners, particularly in Chicago, as the gun-hating city officials have seen yet another of their unconstitutional laws struck down.
H/T Breitbart
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What do you think of the ruling declaring Chicago's gun range ban unconstitutional?