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Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Turkeys Were Cooked Today

Instead of Press Conference,

 Donald Trump Hosts Media Roast

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Donald Trump held a press conference today that sent the mainstream
 media into a tizzy. It was supposed to be about his new his nominee for
 Secretary of Labor. It turned into an all out media roast. 

Here's Trump taking shots at the press coverage, and just absolutely 
abusing poor Jim Acosta.

The media is absolutely furious about this. Because Trump stood there 
and answered their questions, it seems:

NBC's Chuck Todd is leading the charge:

Todd asked for it, and he got it:

And it turns out Todd is a total hypocrite:

Palmieri was a top consultant for the Clinton campaign. Then there's this:
And the public? They loved Trump's press conference:Media outlets simply haven't figured out how to cover Trump, and how 
to ask relevant, interesting questions. They're just lining up, butthurt, to
 quiz Trump on things like crowdsize, the electoral college tallies, and
 other assorted nonsense. Because they refuse to ask any questions 
relevant to the national interest, the American public refuses to listen
 to them. It's a vicious cycle, and it's bad for democracy. Trump 
is mocking them because they're worthy of mockery.