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Monday, February 13, 2017

Where Are The Protesters Who Remember These 19 Girls?


19 Girls Refuse Sex With ISIS

 Terrorists, Get Put in a Cage, Then the UNTHINKABLE Happens

Some of the most depraved acts we have ever seen are
 committed at the hands of ISIS terrorists.
Their latest depraved act? Rounding up 19 girls and attempting
 to force themselves upon them. When the girls refused to
 have sex with them, they were murdered. (via Daily Mail)
According to a Kurdish official, these women were kept captive
 in Mosul, Iraq.
It is possible that these women were Yezedi (a Kurdish religious
 community which ISIS has condemned), as women and children
 from this group are frequently captured and sold into sex slavery
 by ISIS terrorists in this area. Sometimes the women are Christian
A United Nations envoy confirmed this practice, stating that
 “girls get peddled like barrels of petrol” by ISIS.
As if that weren’t disgusting enough, the official also reported
that the youngest women, from one to nine years of age, often
 fetch the most money, at $172. ISIS has released an official list
 of prices. Women 50 to 60 cost the least, and older women are
 not mentioned.
Further, sometimes the terrorists decide to ransom the child
 back to their family, for thousands of dollars.
Even though they know about this despicable practice of sex
slavery, and this depraved mass murder, some Muslims still
refer to their faith as the “religion of peace.” In truth, Islam is
 responsible for so much violence, suffering, and murder.
These are the people Democrat politicians are sticking up for.
 Imagine someone coming into your home and offering you
$172 for your daughter. The thought sickens anyone with a
 brain, yet liberals ignore this and continue to stand up to
 demand we all these sickening thugs into our country.
Stories like this are the ones that we need to spread so
Americans finally learn the truth. These are NOT nice people
and they have zero intention of acclimating to American ways.
They merely want to make America another “chapter” so to
speak of their way of life… and I refuse to allow that to happen.
Enough is enough. It is time for conservatives to take the
 gloves off and expose these people for what they are
because I surely do not want them here poisoning our
culture and our country.
H/T – AngryPatriot