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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Left's Acceptance Of Someone Who Thinks Differently--Wrong

Black senator kills the left’s ‘tolerance’ myth

South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, the Senate’s only black Republican, blasted the foolishness of the nation’s race-baiting leftists by reading his hate mail ahead of Jeff Sessions’ confirmation as attorney general.
Scott, a Sessions supporter, said the focus on race during the new attorney general’s confirmation hearings reminded him of how his own character is often called into question by the left.
“Too often, too many … on the right are found guilty until proven innocent on issues of race,” Scott told lawmakers late Wednesday.
The senator added that he had become accustomed to the ill-informed attacks from race baiting leftists.
“As I If you sign up to be a black conservative, the chances are very high you will be attacked,” he said.
Scott added: “My friends and my staff are not used to the level of animus that comes in from the liberal left, who suggest that I somehow am not helpful to the cause of liberal America and, therefore, I am not helpful to black America.”
The lawmaker went on to read a series of hateful comments hurled at him by leftists via Twitter.
“You are a disgrace to the black race,” one user told Scott.
Another said: “Tim Scott is an Uncle Tom … a white man in a black body.”
Another tweet said that Scott’s chief of staff, one of only two African Americans to hold the position in the Senate (both work for Republicans), isn’t “black enough.”
The lawmaker told his colleague that there were several more abusive tweets, but he left out “all the ones that use the N-word.”
Scott noted that leftist tolerance simply doesn’t extend to ideas.
“You see, what I’m surprised by, just a smidgen, is that the liberal left that speaks and desires for all of us to be tolerant do not want to be tolerant of anyone that disagrees with where they are coming from,” he said. “So the definition of tolerance isn’t that all Americans experience a high level of tolerance; it’s that all Americans who agree with them experience this so-called tolerance.”