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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Another Media Fake Story Explodes

It looks like Hispanics are far more conservative on immigration than
 Democrats thought: a huge majority of them back President Donald 
Trump’s plans to combat illegal immigration.

The surprising poll, conducted McLaughlin and Associates, showed
 that 56 percent of Latinos approve of Trump’s plan to deport criminal
 illegal aliens—while just 31 percent don’t.

Majorities of Republicans, independents, and even Democrats also 
support Trump’s plan on deportation.

In addition, a plurality of Hispanics approve of Trump’s plan to cut off
 federal dollars from more than 300 sanctuary cities nationwide.
 46 percent of Hispanics back the President’s plan, while 43 percent 

Among all voters, 59 percent approve, and just 29 disapprove.

The poll shows that Hispanics are, overall, less likely to support 
deportations and oppose sanctuary cities. But it’s clear that they 
still back commonsense immigration reform with clear majorities 
and pluralities—and that, despite Democrats citing illegal
 immigration as a “Hispanic issue,” their vote is not monolithic.