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Friday, February 17, 2017

The Bloodletting Will Continue Until Trump Gets A Cabinet

Trump Holding the Axe over Cabinet Members Already

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The moment Donald Trump started naming cabinet members to fill out the seats in his administration, pundits, reporters, supporters, and everyone else was ready to pounce and say that his picks reveal something about how the new president will do his job. Even many otherwise committed Trump supporters have gone a bit queasy over his choosing six former Goldman Sachs insiders.
However, Donald Trump has managed to stay several steps ahead of his opponents and detractors every step of the way, and there is good reason to believe that just because he appoints a person to a cabinet position, doesn’t mean that he won’t hold them accountable for doing their jobs in the way he expects then to. He’s already shown that he has no reservations about firing anyone that isn’t falling in line with his plan to make America great again.
He fired the Attorney general for refusing to enforce his immigration policy. He fired all of his foreign ambassadors even with no one to replace them. He fired the director of immigration and customs. Also, two Veteran’s Affairs employees have been fired over charges of corruption since Donald Trump has taken office.
Now, the bell is tolling for three members of Trump’s cabinet about whom the President was very enthusiastic during the initial selection and appointing process. They are the national security adviser Michael Flynn, the White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, and the White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.
Michael Flynn has come under the crosshairs over a number of claims that the timing of Flynn’s communications with Russian officials about sanctions was premature, evoking conspiracy theories over Russian involvement in Trump’s administration. Although, it looks like Flynn did nothing wrong, he was nevertheless asked to resign so as to not give the liberal media more ammunition in their war to prove a connection between Russia and Trump’s administration.
Reince Priebus is in hot water for the disastrous roll out of Trump’s travel pause. The main stream media incorrectly labeled the executive order a “Muslim ban” and a “travel ban.” Neither of which Priebus has been able to correct.
Chris Ruddy, the founder of Newsmax and a friend to President Trump, told CNN, “The White House cabinet is not exhibiting the level of subordinance we need to see. There’s a great deal of weakness coming from the chief of staff.”
Ruddy said that he received text messages from White House staff members saying that he was correct and that Trump will have some house cleaning to do in order to move forward.
Sean Spicer’s coming under the scrutiny of the president is reportedly due to his being “too weak” to act as press Secretary. This comes after an initial press conference led by Spicer in which he was quick to accuse members of the press of dishonestly pushing an agenda. At a subsequent conference, the press pushed back rather fiercely, and Spicer’s performance was mocked on Saturday Night Live.
The President appears to believe that Spicer may not have the temperament to represent the administration. Although, it may be difficult to find someone steady-handed enough not to lose his cool when confronted with so many spurious accusations and distractions.
As with Flynn, the case of Spicer is unfortunate, as among those on the chopping block, he is widely seen as the most loyal to the Trump administration.
Ruddy and others, it seems, may represent an infiltration element that many commentators have described in detail as the way the opposition party- whoever they may be- always manages to infiltrate the White House staff. This, they say, holds true no matter whether a democrat or a republican is in office.
While it may be common practice to infiltrate and undermine the president, even a tradition, for the opposition party to populate the White House with partisan double agents- it’s clear that Trump is not interested in politics as usual.
He is sending the message that he will not tolerate anything that gets in the way of his ability to deliver on his campaign promises. In the case of Sean Spicer, Trump is showing the absence of cronyism as he works to forge a strong team. In the cases of Flynn and Priebus, Trump is proving that he will not tolerate insubordinate people in his administration.
This is good news. It means Trump is working for the people, not for Washington insiders.
There remain serious concerns to be hammered out over the other appointments that Trump has made. Like all presidents, Trump must be watched closely. But we hope that he will continue to drain the swamp.
~ American Liberty Report