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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Will Pocahontas Be The Democratic Candidate In 2020

Goofy Elizabeth Warren is 

Trying to Derail the Trump Train. 

But Can She?

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Anti-Trump liberals shouldn’t break out the champagne just yet: 
a recent poll shows that President Donald Trump would clobber
 liberal 2020 Democratic frontrunner, Elizabeth Warren, in a head-to-head race. 
The Massachusetts Senator's chances are about as real as her Native 
American heritage.

Out of those surveyed in the Politico/Morning Consult poll, 42 percent
 backed Trump, while just a paltry 35 percent backed Warren. 23 percent 
were undecided.
Trump, however, would lose in a head-to-head match against a “generic 
Democrat” if the election were held today.

Warren, the Massachusetts Senator who is part of the far-left wing of the
 Democratic Party, is beloved by liberal voters and donors—but their 
excitement clearly hasn’t translated into support from rank-and-file voters 

Meanwhile, Republicans—sensing Warren’s unpopularity—seem to be
 attempting to make Warren the face of the Democratic Party. Last week,
 Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) silenced Warren during the confirmation 
hearing for Attorney General Jeff Sessions—which infuriated the left and 
caused massive social media backlash. It’s since been speculated that
 McConnell’s actions seemed to have been intentionally trying to elevate
 the profile of the far-left Warren, over more moderate Democrats.

Warren refused to challenge Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders for the
 Democratic nomination in 2016—but, despite waiting to back Clinton
 until long after the Democratic primary effectively ended, she became
 a critical surrogate on the left.

With almost four years left before the 2020 election, Warren has not yet
 confirmed or denied that she’s planning a run for the White House.