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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Democrats Act Childishly When They Lose Healthcare Vote

31 seconds of the healthcare vote that shows why people hate politics

(CNN)When House Republicans secured their 216th "yes" on the 
American Health Care Act Thursday, Democrats immediately began
 taunting their across-the-aisle rivals.
The implication was obvious: Democrats believed many Republicans had
just cost themselves their political careers by voting for an overhaul of Obamacare.
And the DC political class wonders why people hate them.
    I understand that Democrats not only didn't like the way this bill was
     passed -- without any estimates on what it might cost or how many
     people might lose coverage as a result -- but also believed the policies
     contained in it would leave the country and its people considerably
    worse off.
    That is a worthy conversation to have. But, that's not what Democrats
    were doing. Instead, they were jeering and mocking their colleagues.
    Look. We have two parties in
     this country for a reason. Democrats
    and Republicans don't always
     disagree on the problems the
    country faces but do almost
     always disagree on how to
    solve them.
    Debating those differences is the
    stuff of democracy. Giving the
     public the chance, every two
    years, to render their judgment on who has more of the right in the
     argument is the backbone of our political system.
    Poll after poll suggests that one
     thing both sides broadly agree
     on is that they prefer bipartisan
     compromise to go-it-alone-ism.
    When House Democrats act like
    they did today -- or President
    Trump acts like he does almost
     every day -- we get further and
     further from even the possibility
    of finding common ground or even
     just talking to each other like
     human beings.
    It also convinces people not in Washington or not involved in politics that
     the people who are representing them in DC have no real idea what
    they care about or value.
    That's a very bad thing for the long-term health of our democracy.