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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Prior To ObamaCrapCare, Pre-existing Coverage Was Available Through Insurers Of Last Resort Which Is NOT What Everyone Was Told. Another Lie By The Democrats!

Check out this document below. Coverage was available through state insurers. For example, the insurer of last resort for individual coverage was Blue Cross/Blue Shield at rates available to healthy participants. The only provision was that pre-existing coverage was not available  for 6 months for those who did not have previous insurance. So worst case, if someone did not have insurance and then became ill, their newly issued insurance would cover them after 6 months,  However, if they did have insurance, any company in Michigan could not cancel their insurance.

The misunderstandings of this are immense and mostly have been perpetuated by those who wanted a national health plan paid for by the government.  Another benefit, the country can ill afford.

Conservative Tom

Here is the link: