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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Is Fox News Collapsing?

Is Sean Hannity The Next Fox

 News Host to Leave the Network?

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Is Sean Hannity The Next Fox News Host to Leave the Network?
Wikimedia Commons
The hits keep coming for Fox News! The day after network leader Bill Shine‘s 
departure, prominent anchor Sean Hannity announced a sudden and rare
 staff-wide meeting for his show, has learned.

Set for today at 6 p.m, the meeting could be a final farewell, according to 
reports. Former Co-President Shine is a long-time friend and producing
 partner of Hannity, and his departure is said to have rattled the talking head.
 Hannity has strongly denied all reports that he is negotiating an exit.

Last week, Hannity even warned that Shine leaving the network “would
 be the total end of the [Fox News Channel] as we know it.”

On Hannity’s show Monday night, he teased media reporters by saying “I 
may or may not have a thing or two to say before the show is over just for
 you. Please stay tuned.”