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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Democrats Lose Their Minds Over Healthcare Vote. Looney Left Wing Media Cooperates And Spreads More Fake News

NUTS: Republicans Pass American Health Care Act, Democrats Say They'll Be Responsible For Murdering Americans

George Frey/Getty ImagesDNC Chairman Tom Perez, speaks to a crowd of supporters at a Democratic unity rally at the Rail Event Center on April 21, 2017 in Salt Lake City, Utah.
In the immediate aftermath of House Republicans passing a purported repeal of
Obamacare that doesn’t actually repeal key Obamacare regulations, Democrats
have turned up the outrage machine. Eager to escape the burden of Obamacare’s
 rising costs and insurance death spiral, they’re preparing to blame Republicans
for everything that can possibly go wrong in the health care market. Here are
 just some of the headlines today:
Huffington Post: “House Votes To Let ‘Em Die

Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez went full-bore crazy:
 “Trump and Republicans,” he said, “will own every preventable death.”
This is the myth the Left wishes to purvey: that the AHCA will end with death.
There are serious criticisms to be had of the AHCA — I have a bevy of them.
But there is no proof that people are going to die thanks to the AHCA. Even
 if you’re a fan of Obamacare, the bill maintains Obamacare’s regulations on
pre-existing conditions. It reforms Medicaid into block grants rather than
 need-based grants, which will cut costs — a policy that makes sense given
 the fact that studies demonstrate that Medicaid doesn’t actually 
improve health. The biggest risks in the billare with the bill’s tax
 credit system that creates incentive for people to earn less money, in
 combination with the bill’s revised regulations regarding charges for
 age-based insurance. But given the fact that insurance companies are
already going bankrupt thanks to those regulations, there’s no guarantee
that such coverage would be available for older, impoverished Americans
 outside of Medicaid anyway.
The Left has an incentive to now paint the AHCA as the end of the world.
 In truth, the AHCA only makes significant changes to one program, Medicaid,
 and one regulation, the age-based insurance cost; the rest is essentially
window dressing. More’s the pity — if we were going to overhaul the health
 care system, we should have started with the basic premise that free market
 competition and removal of regulations will bring down cost and increase
 quality, rather than swallowing most of the leftist lie that government
involvement secures quality health insurance for the masses.