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Friday, May 5, 2017

Once Again The Leftists And Their Friends In The Media Lie

FAKE NEWS: No, The Republican Health Care Bill Didn’t Just Make Rape A Pre-Existing Condition

Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty ImagesTrump
These are all real headlines from mainstream media outlets: New York 
MagazineHuffington PostThe Independent (UK), CNN.

They’re also nonsense.
Under the American Health Care Act, states have the ability to opt-out of
 federal regulations requiring insurance companies to cover pre-existing
conditions. Naturally, the left immediately conjured up images of people
injured in the most horrifying possible way – rape – and then suggested
that the bill would suddenly leave rape victims adrift. Here’s
New York Magazine: “Under Obamacare, preexisting conditions were
guaranteed to receive coverage – among them, sexual assault. The
 American Health Care Act is going to change that…In addition to rape,
postpartum depression, cesarean sections, and surviving domestic violence
 are all considered preexisting conditions.”
So, let’s parse this. According to the leftist media, if you suffer an injury in
a terrible situation, the situation itself is now a pre-existing condition. In other
 words, these headlines could just have easily read, “In Trump’s America, Car
 Crashes Are Pre-Existing Conditions,” or “Under The New Health Care Bill,
 Soccer Accidents Could Be A Pre-Existing Condition.” The bill itself
says that pre-existing conditions are pre-existing conditions. Nowhere
does it give a list of pre-existing conditions including “rape” or “sexual
 assault,” because these are activities leading to injury, not actual injuries.
The leftist case here is idiotic. Events are not “pre-existing conditions.” Injuries
 that occur as a result of events, if they occur before you attempt to buy
 insurance, are definitionally pre-existing conditions. Duh.
But the debate has now been so skewed that we think the government can
 magically have health insurance cover rape – which doesn’t even make
 sense. If no injury occurred requiring medical attention due to a rape, what
would the insurance company do to cover it? Pray? Hunt down rapists?
Yet the people who believe that government can protect you from all ills,
 and apparently send insurance adjusters into the streets Charles
 Bronson-style to prevent rape, are out in force today:

Under new religious liberty act, hospitals can deny rape victims emergency contraception. Under AHCA, rape will be a pre-existing condition

This argument is the equivalent of saying that Obamacare sought to hurt
rape victims by throwing people off their individual insurance plans. Obamacare
 may well have thrown people off their individual insurance plans, but it
wasn’t because they were rape victims.
Come on, people.