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Friday, May 5, 2017

Republican Budget--Much The Same As Democrats Would Have Created

The GOP: Winning like losers

The campaign to buy Hillary Clinton the White House cost the Democrat Party $1.2 billion. That does not include the media collusion, left-wing hate group assaults on innocent Americans and active interference by such worthies as former Attorney General Loretta Lynch.  Granted, 1.2 big ones ain’t what it used to be — that’s only a couple of Solyndras, or 1/100th what former President Barack Obama funneled to his pals in Iran — but it’s still a hell of a lot of scratch to blow on a loser. Moreover, it was a completely unnecessary waste of time, effort, money and violence.
If the deal reached Sunday night under cover of darkness is anything to go by — and it very much is — the Dems needn’t have raised a dime, faked a news story, thrown a Molotov cocktail or met with Bill Clinton on a single airport tarmac. In fact, the new Omnibus spending bill, concocted to avoid a Democrat-engineered government shutdown, offers over 1 trillion reasons why they probably should have left the old girl’s bloated political carcass to rot in the sun. What the Republican-controlled Congress came up with looks remarkably similar to the budget the Democrats would have excreted, had Hillary managed to stumble across the finish line first. In return for a chance to keep milking the federal cow, Republicans handed the Democrats the whole bloody farm.
Illegal aliens needn’t fret; Trump’s border wall didn’t make the cut. In fact, the bill’s language even includes a provision prohibiting funds from being redirected to any future wall-building projects. There isn’t a nickel in the whole thing for his proposed “deportation force.” And Trump’s request for a $3 billion increase in general border security funding was slashed to 1/3 of what he hoped. Fortunately, federal funding for so-called “sanctuary cities” remains untouched; so we get to stay on the hook for every Tomas, Ricardo and Javier with a face full of tattoos and a dream of slinging rock and/or lead in Baltimore.
Planned Parenthood can continue their pursuit of “crunchy” baby parts and Lamborghinis. Their federal tax subsidies, the deletion of which has been a central part of every major Republican talking point since Cecile Richards was just another ghoul in a Prada pantsuit, avoided deletion. That’s right, kiddies; the Republican-controlled Congress managed to save your right to pay for dead babies, lobbying campaigns and — well — not much else.
Joining the dead baby marketeers in continuing to fart through taxpayer-funded silk are the EPA, Obamacare subsidies and even Puerto Rico, which the Democrats will now face no repercussions for turning into America’s very own slice of the third world.
Best of all, the monstrosity of a spending bill passed with the assent of 131 Republicans and 178 Democrats, up-armoring it with a veto-proof majority. Following President Donald Trump’s world-shattering victory last fall, the Republicans effectively took control of the entire D.C. circus; the House, the Senate and the big boy chair in the big house on Pennsylvania Avenue. And they’ve been doing their level best to give it away ever since.